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Moonless Midnight Veronica Cavallaro

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director for the south american and the spanish territories.

Spelled Moon   Fan Club Art Composition

We all gather under the light of Spelled Moon ..

Fresh out of the oven…. Here's the final versión of Andy's signature Overdrive pedal by Klinger custom pedals in Australia.

This is the Version that will be available for Sale and ready to ship anywhere….. we are waiting for them to arrive to the USA to give 'em a good test drive & make a little video to show you all what's going on and what they're all about…...

we are very proud to say that they are all made by hand and that we've worked very hard to make it a great pedal…. now it's finished and ready to rock and roll taking no prisoners……...

Thanks So Much to Shane 'Turk' Tresize, Arte Digital Ashtar Art Design. & Danker For Making this Possible and a thing of Beauty...


Andy Sarcone Rooney  Signatures Series